Fall Macrobiotic Meals

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Tempeh Sandwiches (Makes 2)

Tempeh Sandwiches

Brown rice bread (or bread of choice)  4 slices
Soy mayonnaise                                      Enough to spread on slices
Mustard                                                    Enough to spread on slices
Cucumber                                                1/2, thinly sliced
Sliced onions                                           1/4, soaked in water for about 5 minutes
Tempeh                                                    2-4 pieces (depends on size - use enough to fill sandwich)

Teriyaki Sauce
Soy sauce                         6 tbsp
Mirin  (Rice Wine)            4 tbsp
Sake (or Wine)                 2 tbsp

1. Start by making the teriyaki sauce. Put all ingredients in a pan and heat until the alcohol cooks out. 
2. Grill the tempeh on both sides and then pour the teriyaki sauce on top in the pan to coat. The teriyaki sauce should start to thicken as the liquid cooks.
3. Toast the brown rice bread
4. Assemble: Spread mayonnaise and mustard onto the sandwich slices. Add the cucumber and onions to one side. Add the tempeh, and close with the remaining bread slice.

Kabocha Croquettes

Kabocha Croquettes

Kabocha squash         1/2
Onion                          1/2
Flour                           1-2 cups, as needed *have some in a bowl, and the rest in a bowl mixed with some water to form a paste.
Olive oil                      1 tbsp + enough for deep frying
Salt, pepper               to taste

1. Cut the kabocha into bite-sized pieces and steam them (leave the skin, on). 
2. Thinly slice the onions, and stir fry them in 1 tbsp of olive oil until translucent. Add salt and pepper.
3. Mash the kabocha, then add in the cooked onions.
4. Mould the mix into round patties and coat them in flour. Then, coat them with the flour/water paste. Next, coat them in breadcrumbs. 
5. Finally, fry them in a pan until golden brown.

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

Cooked brown rice         180g
Garlic                              1/2 clove
Onion                              1/4
4 Kinds of Mushrooms (Shimeji, Eringi, Shitake and Maitake) 1 pack each (if you don't have access to all 4 types, use whichever you like most. You can also use brown mushrooms)
Olive Oil                         1 tbsp

Soy milk                         100cc
Vegetable Stock            100cc
Miso                               2 Tbsp

Salt, Pepper                  to taste
Thinly sliced Scallions  handful for garnish

1. Thinly slice the onions and garlic. Stir fry them in some olive oil. 
2. Cut mushrooms into bite sized pieces and add them to the frying pan to cook. 
3. Add in the brown rice, soy milk, and vegetable stock and let the risotto cook down. 
4. Add salt and pepper to taste.
5. Transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle scallions on top for a garnish. 

Sweet Potato Potage

Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet Potatoes        2
Onion                        1/2
Leek                          1
Olive oil                    1 tbsp
Soy Milk                    to taste (if you like creamy soup, then add to taste, if you like thinner soup, then don't add any milk) 
Vegetable stock       Enough to cover sweet potatoes in pot

1. Thinly slice the onion and leek and in a pot, stir fry them in the olive oil. 
2. Cut the sweet potato into bite-sized chunks and add to the pot.
3. Add the vegetable stock and cook until the sweet potato is soft. Then, blend all in a blender or food processor. 
4. Return to pot and add the soy milk, and salt and pepper to taste.  

Spinach with Sesame Coating


Spinach                             1 pack
Ground white sesame      6 tbsp (If you can, I recommend buying whole sesame and then grinding them fresh at home. It's more aromatic)
Mirin (Rice wine)              2 tbsp
Soy sauce                         3 tbsp

1. Boil the whole spinach bushels in hot water. Once soft, rinse in cool water. Then, squeeze out the excess water and cut the spinach into 2-3 inch slices. 
2. Add the spinache, sesame, mirin and soy sauce to a bowl and mix together. 



Whole wheat flour   70g
Organic flour            140g
Baking Powder        6g

Rapeseed oil            45g
Soy milk                   65g
Maple syrup             45g

1. Set oven to 180 degrees C.
2 .Mix A together in a bowl. Mix B together in a separate bowl. 
3. Add B to A and mix together. Leave the dough to rest for about 30 minutes (the dough will rise a bit). 
4. Roll the dough out until it's about 2cm (1 inch) in height. You can use a circular cookie cutter or your knife to cut scone slices.
5. Brush some soy milk on top of each piece. Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes (until golden brown).



Apple Jam

Apple            1
Maple Syrup  to taste
Cinnamon      dash

1. Remove the apple peel. Slice apple into bite-sized pieces. 
2. In a pot, add the apple, maple syrup*, and cinnamon along with a little bit of water. Cook on low heat until soft. 

*You don't really need to add sweeteners to make the apples taste sweet - the natural sweetness of the apple comes out by cooking them. Start by drizzling the maple syrup over the mixture before cooking and see how you like it.