The Win-Win Program

An 8-Step deep look into your health and lifestyle to help you create a body you love from the inside, out. 

You need more than a diet and exercise plan

Trying to solve weight issues with diet lingo like "protein, carbs, calories, vitamins, minerals" etc. is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle by putting each puzzle piece under a microscope and looking at its chemical makeup.

The science and logic is there, but it's really hard to figure out how to put all the pieces together without understanding the big picture. 

So, what's the big picture?

Instead, we can take a step back to look at other factors that might be impacting your eating habits that when tweaked, can have a lasting positive impact on the daily choices you are able to make. Those factors are on how you think, how your body functions, your personal habits, and how you communicate in social situations.

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What sets Win-Win apart: The Core Curriculum

This 8-Lesson program covers the 6 lifestyle topics you need to transform your health, long term:

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food energetics

The most intuitive way to eat is a pattern that follows cycles in nature. This 4-Part, eye-opening topic that gives you a logical perspective on creating an intuitive diet.



Habits are easy to change if you split them into two categories: rituals, and mindless habits. I'll show you how to make easy transitions that lead you feeling confident and not deprived.



"Mindset" isn't just about having a positive outlook on your goal. It's about understanding how your thoughts are keeping you from your goals, now. The right mindset leads to the right action.


Most diet plans leave out the most important part of life: socializing! Learn how to communicate with others so that you can enjoy your time without feeling obligated to eat foods you don't want.



There is so much conflicting diet information that it's hard to choose what will work for you. Get the low-down on what's going on in your body so you can make the right choices for you.


Your eating habits are directly affected by the biggest choices you make in your life: your job, your relationships, where you live, etc. Let's see how each of these topics are impacting your weight, and what to do.

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Why are these topics, important?

See the merit of these lifestyle topics, but aren't sure how it'll help you create lasting change?

Check out this online webinar on why the 4 Essentials are so valuable:


Here's what you get as soon as you join:

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The 8 Video-Based Lessons on the Core Curriculum (described above) will give you the "big picture" on how to think and strategize a path to your health goals. 



Join a Facebook Community of bright, career driven, modern women who think just like you and face the same obstacles. Learn and transform, together!

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Use these special charts, diagrams, and fun sheets to go deeper into the lessons and gain clarity on what tweaks to make to your diet and your lifestyle.

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BONUS: Expert Interviews

Learn from the best, including Justin Gelband (Victoria's Secret personal trainer), Mayumi Nishimura (Madonna's Chef), Dr. Neal Barnard (author of 18 books on nutrition), and more!

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Delicious recipes to get you started with applying your Food Energetics knowledge. Try everything from sandwiches to curry to scones and more!

instant access


You have instant access to all lessons, worksheets, expert interviews, and recipes. Go at your own pace!


This is for you, if:

  • You're tired of wondering if you're doing the right thing or not because there is so much conflicting diet information. 
  • You want to enjoy cake at a birthday party without asking yourself if you've worked out first and can afford the calories, or wonder when the next time is you can work out to work off the calories.
  • You feel awkward when people say you should "love yourself", because deep down you want to be better. The best version of yourself. And you feel like something is off
  • You want to take a trip to beautiful places like Italy and enjoy local cuisine without deciding before your trip how much weight you're okay with gaining in order to make the trip "worth it". 
  • You dream of going shopping for clothes without worrying about the horrors that await you in the fitting room. 
  • You don't want to feel like you can only stay healthy by staying at home and locking yourself in a room that's part home gym, part kitchen without any food that tastes good.
  • You want to believe your partner when he says you look beautiful.
  • You don't want to have that split second of fear when someone asks you to get in a photo, and wind up sucking in your stomach and posing with your hand on your hip so your arm can look slimmer. 
  • You want people at work to take you seriously, and you know that appearance matters. 

You are ten times more likely to succeed by following your intuition than you think.

You could do another diet, and possibly reach your goal.

But can you maintain it? Will you be happy saying no to social invitations, dragging yourself out of bed to a stinky gym, and sticking to a salad at every celebration?

If you want to be happy with how you’re living your life with food, confident in your food choices, and proud of your body, then Win-Win solves how to do that.

Let Win-Win show you the way.


About Katheryn


Katheryn Gronauer is a health coach for driven career women and yoyo dieters. She's also a contributing writer to Huff Post, Mindbodygreen, Elephant Journal, Thrive, The Everygirl, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, and Bad Yogi. 

Katheryn used to be a 40 pound overweight yoyo dieter, until she stumbled upon Food Energetics during a stay in Tokyo, Japan. She started to think of her diet in terms of aligning her body to cycles in nature, and hasn't had any weight issues, since. Her passion is to educate driven women about how they truly can have their cake and eat it, too, with holistic health strategies.


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