The Success Path

The Core Curriculum is designed to take you from overwhelmed to confident in 4 phases, as described below in the Success Path.

We will go through the Core Curriculum together over the course of 3 months, so start with them first, in order, before moving into the Collections. 

It's important to know what stage you're at to see how far you've come and what's next to reach your goals. Here's Anne Hathaway to show you what to expect on your journey: 

1. Clueless

You feel pretty diet-savvy, but there is so much conflicting information that you don't know what to believe. And even if you wanted to try to make small transitions, you aren't sure where to start without completely overhauling your diet and lifestyle.

You wonder if your goals can only be met if only you had more time, a personal chef, a trainer, and no social life.

During this phase, you'll gain clarity and learn what foods to add into your diet.


2. Girl on a mission

You're clear on exactly how your thoughts about food have manifested, and what foods your body needs in order to rebalance. 

Now, you're wondering what action steps to take to start seeing the results of your new strategy.

During this phase, you'll learn about replacing your favorite foods with ones made from ingredients that nourish you, and how to transition in a way that feels comfortable.


3. Diva

You are so excited about the progress you've made and the power of healthy foods. You never knew that food could make you feel so good and taste so amazing at the same time.'re worried about being unhealthy. You've spent so much time studying and experiencing the power of healthy foods, that the idea of slipping up worries you. 

In this phase, you'll learn how to make the best decisions in social situations when you don't have the most ideal options, and how to be confident in your choices.


You're a pro. You know exactly what to do for your body in any situation, you feel confident, and you don't let unhealthy situations get in your way of being the sophisticated, successful woman that you are.