Function 101

Welcome to Phase 2! By now, you should have spent about a month on Phase 1 and have a clear understanding on how to think differently, and have been adding new foods into your diet. If you're ready for the next phase, let's move on!

Most people think that weight loss is only about calories in vs calories out (in other words, the amount of energy you put into your body is less than the amount of energy you use throughout the day). 

Instead, you want to think of your body more like a filter: your body separates foods into what it will use, or what it needs to get rid of as wastes. I love this visual because it easily makes you want to make sure you're only putting good quality foods into your system that can make you glow, and avoid low quality foods that give your body more work to do with detox.

Now, the question is: how well is this filter working?

You could be eating healthy foods, but if your digestive system isn't functioning properly, it's possible that your body may not absorb the healthy nutrients from the food you're eating. 

Not only that, but if you've ever felt bloated after eating, you can easily be deceived into feeling as if you gained 20 pounds after a single meal, and that certainly doesn't make us feel good about our weight.

The more you focus on improving your digestive function, the more likely your body weight will balance out. 

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Supplementary Interview

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Tracy Harrison is the expert's teacher: she coaches health practitioners in the field of functional nutrition. Tracy graduated from MIT and had an accomplished 15-year career in high-tech, but left that to pursue her passions for nutrition, coaching, and helping people maximize their happiness. Her passion for science led her to studying functional medicine.  

Tracy’s expertise areas are wide-ranging: increasing energy and stamina, healing from stomach and other GI distress, blood sugar management, sustainable weight loss, and how to turn healthy intentions into life-long habits.

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