Food Energetics - Reincorporate

By now, you feel like you've healed your body, you're happy with your weight, and you've been excited to find out just how amazing you can feel. 

But there's one're not sure how to incorporate higher stress foods without sabotaging what you've learned. 

In this segment, we're going to talk about how you can eat in a way that is still great for your body, through how you arrange foods to what foods pair well together for optimal digestion. 

Now is the time to finally start to ask yourself what kind of eating pattern feels right to you. Do you feel better with a bit more animal protein and less grains? How about more of a vegetarian lifestyle? Different things work for different people, and you're now on the last phase of exploration to make tweaks to what feels best. 

***Note: If you've spent a while doing a plant-based diet as per phase 3, it might feel weird to add in animal products, again. Trust your body if you're craving it and understand that it might take a bit to get used to eating, again.