Building Trust

Your relationship with food and your relationship with your body are just that: relationships! And relationships require trust

After years - decades, even - of trying diets to no avail, you've likely lost the ability to trust that your body can change, that the process doesn't have to be hard, and that a system that works for you does exist. 

It's time to start changing how you think of yourself, of food, and to create positive stories in your mind that will bring you closer to your goals, with a fresh perspective.

Discovery Sheets

Supplementary Interview

In this interview on the Law of Attraction with Mindset Coach, Susan Ferraro, she explains in 6 simple steps how you can align your thoughts with your greatest health intentions.

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Susan Ferraro is a Law of Attraction and Mindset coach.

She was in fashion for many years and designed for brands such as DKNY, Banana Republic and finally left her last position as the Design Director for Kate Spade New York in 2012 when she realized she was having more fun inspiring people to follow their dreams.

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